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Tips To Save Money On Your Car


If you have just bought a car or you have been driving for some time, you will realise that driving daily can be very costly. The expenses may lead you to consider about getting rid of your car and just start commuting.

In fact, recent studies and statistical data point out that owning and operating a car can cost up to $9,000 – $10,000 per year. Find out our top tips on how you can save money with your vehicle.


Despite having a variety of fuel options, this is still considered to be one of the reasons why owning a car is expensive. Because of the current global demand, fuel prices have since risen, showing no signs of going back down.
A tip is to always be prepared and check for the cheapest day to fuel up, a website such as Fuel Watch is a great tool to check when the cheapest time to fuel up is. You can even use it to plan a fuel stop on your route if you’re on a driving holiday.
From simply fueling up on a Monday instead of another day during the week you could save a potential 8%. Meaning you could be saving $116 per year on fuel.

Save Fuel

There are a few tips you can do to make sure your getting the most out of your tank.

  • Driver smoothly and keep within the speed limits.
  • Avoid using air conditioning when not needed, instead open a window.
  • Remove all heavy objects out of the car that you may not be using. Tools from boot etc.
  • Check the owners manual for the correct tyre pressure.
  • Regularly servicing to keep good efficiency throughout the vehicle.

Insurance Policies

One also needs to have insurance policies. If car owners don’t get one, it might be too risky for them in case of accidents happening, so getting one means extra fees.
A tip when choosing the best insurance policy would be to go to a website Compare the Market to compare all the policies on the market to help you determine the right decision.
From shopping for premiums online you could save up to 15%. Another way to save is to bundle your insurances and save an additional 15%.


Miscellaneous and maintenance expenses are also factors to consider. They may not be as constant as fuel, but they’re certainly quite expensive, especially overall car maintenance.
When owning a car a good rule of thumb is to set some money aside weekly so when the unexpected happens you are prepared. Servicing also comes round quite regularly so having the money already set aside for this is a huge help.

Looking for a mechanic? The best thing to do is go onto Google and search for mechanics in your area and read their reviews. Reviews from previous customers are gold when searching for your next service. After finding your top 3 mechanics it’s best to give them a call and individually interview each one asking things such as:

  • Is a loan car included?
  • Years of experience?
  • Can you provide your own parts?

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