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The Rise Of Outdoor Media


Outdoor media has risen to a league of its own in terms of advertising. This is among the most visible and accessible means of advertising you can find today. They usually market products by making the most of their visibility – think of giant billboards with celebrities endorsing your favourite fast food chain or beverage.

Technological innovation has introduced various ways to increase the popularity of outdoor media such as advertising on privately owned vehicles. Not only by billboard advertising, but there also comes other avenues in different forms, such as:

• Experiential advertising (passers-by sample products and a form of marketing where customers get to engage with the product, usually through events initiated by the company or group)
• Brand logos found on vehicles and public areas.
• Promotional material for movies showing in cinemas

These forms of advertisement share one key element of outdoor media’s success in grabbing the attention of customers visibility. Online ads that are placed before, during, and after videos can be a bit of an annoyance for people, and they tend to skip them overall. With outdoor advertising, there are many ways to stand out, and some approaches do not come off as irritating.

Some billboard ads can even be a form of art or a fixture of the modern bustling cityscape. Outdoor advertising is everywhere and reflects how influential a group’s brand is due to the extent of its visibility in the daily lives of the average salaryman.

The outdoor market grew at 6% in 2017/2018. Outdoor industry ad revenues are up by 10% year to date in Australia. With an expected increase in the future.

Why is Outdoor Advertising So Relevant Today?

Most people go outside to engage in work or leisure, usually around eight hours a day. This will give advertisers a lot of room to increase their presence via these outdoor advertisements. When people walk out to the streets, they will look at their surroundings. There is a lot of space to show them a product they would want. Furthermore, most people know products better when they are outside compared to skipping five minutes of various commercials on television.

Outdoor advertising is not easy to avoid, but at the same time, it is also less egregious to look at. Many of the ads we see outside are quite creative. With digital art making headway, there are many ways to express creativity. More than the models and logo designs, ads reflect expression and aesthetic beauty. Integrating social media elements is one example of such creativity. Outdoor ads are also less expensive compared to other forms of advertisement.

Ultimately, the visibility of outdoor advertising makes it such a powerful tool for gathering an audience that would buy your product. It gives the companies the chance to be much closer to their customers in terms of being able to relate to their needs and wants. By advertising to a crowd, they can get the attention of more customers who might want to explore and experience their products.

This brings us to Ads on Wheels, where outdoor media is multiplied to deliver your message via mobile boards on privately owned peoples cars. This is not merely a giant billboard that stays in one place but a moving piece of media that nearly anyone can see. There is more great accessibility for bringing your product to people’s purview. They can see what you have made, anytime, and anywhere.

With almost 3000 drivers in our database, we can target specific regions, suburbs, and even busy roads. We also give all of our businesses a reporting link where they can see on a daily basis up to date tracking of where their drivers have been. It’s undoubtedly a convenient and efficient way of advertising.