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The objective for Melville Nissan was to inform the public that it was a both a new dealership and inform to where it was located. The Nissan dealership that was previously located in the area was no longer there, so for that reason the location of the dealership was the main target. We targeted drivers driving both in the areas of the new dealership and the areas of where the previous dealership was. We kept the message was simple as the goal was simple. The whole creative for the campaign was explaining the road that Melville Nissan is located on. We used all Nissan drivers and really utilised the drivers as great brand ambassadors.


The response from the campaign was incredible. Melville Nissan saw a positive return on their investment almost instantly and gained new service customers in the first week, directly from the Ads on Wheels campaign. This campaign was very location specific and our vehicles covered over 60,000kms in the 3 months it was active. Melville Nissan were so happy with the results that they have re-signed and are now onto their second campaign.

Kilometres Travelled


Times from Australia to Antarctica

11 times

Times around the Earth




Months advertised with Ads on Wheels