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Drive & Earn

Are you ready to earn some cash and reap the exclusive rewards that Ads on Wheels drivers receive?

Ads on Wheels is an App based company that pays you to advertise on your vehicle. We connect you with businesses of your choice and pay you a monthly commission for simply driving like you normally do, sounds great doesn’t it! Download the app from the links below!


Download App

Visit us on the App Store or Google Play, and download the Ads on Wheels app to get started today! This is where you will manage your profile, apply for campaigns and earn your $$.


Create Your Profile

We want to get to know you and your hobbies, once you complete your profile then we can work on finding a company that suits your hobbies, interests and beliefs.


7 Day Trial Drive

You will start your 7 day trial drive for Ads on Wheels to find the best company to suit your daily driving. – campaigns are determined on your hobbies, beliefs and driving.


Receive & apply for campaigns

You will be able to apply for campaigns of your choice, keeping you in control. If we believe you suit a campaign we will send you a push notification giving you the chance to apply.


Installation of Signage

Ads on Wheels installs the banner on your back window. Ads on Wheels has pop up locations throughout Perth metropolitan to ensure drivers do not have to drive to far to get their banner installed. This will take 30-45 minutes to install and Ads on Wheels will have some beverages & seating area while you wait.


Drive & Earn

We want you to drive as you normally would. You don’t need to do any extra driving as we picked you for the driving you were already doing. Get paid $70-$840 per campaign (1-12 month campaigns).


Removal & Reinstall

At the end of the campaign you will head to one of our pop up locations for us to remove the banner and have a new campaign for you to start!



BenCampaign Driver

I drive a lot all around Perth and I finally got the chance to be a part of the Ads on Wheels team, and it was really a lot of fun.

They are a great team, super helpful and supportive and they make everything as easy as possible.Will definitely keep driving with them for a long time.

JayCampaign Driver

Love driving for Ads on Wheels. I drive easily an hour a day for work so why not get paid for it! Ads on Wheels team is fantastic, always helpful and informative.

Installs and removals are a breeze, quick and top quality. Thanks guys!

TamaraCampaign Driver

Ads on Wheels have been great! Very supportive from installation to removal and any issues in between, such as teething issues in the app in the beginning.

Its been a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash which has helped to fund my own business to get off the ground. I will be looking to use Ads on Wheels myself in the future once my business is launched and has started profiting. Its such a great idea to use for advertising/ marketing.


Driver Commission Paid


Ads on Wheels is an App based company that pays you to advertise on your vehicle. We connect you with businesses of your choice and pay you a monthly commission for simply driving like you normally do, sounds great doesn’t it!

We accept all shapes and sizes that are in a respectful condition. We have a preference to SUV and Hatchback vehicles as they give the ‘bilboard’ look. Business owners decide the age and criteria of each campaign so much sure you sign up as we may have the perfect company for you!

Ads on Wheels will have pop up locations throughout Perth to ensure you aren’t traveling to far to get your install done.

Yes, all drivers must have an ABN. You can register here.

Drivers are paid on the Friday after they have completed one full month. Money is transferred directly into the account. This will be ongoing monthly depending on contract length. Final payment will be sent after we remove the wrap.

Campaigns vary from 1 month through until 12 months.

Yes! Completely free to our drivers!

Yes, Ads on Wheels have a safe driving policy. If you breach this you will have your campaign removed and will no longer be apart of the Ads on Wheels team.

We select drivers based on their trial drive. If you haven’t been selected yet your driving may not be suited for the current active campaigns. We are constantly working hard to add more campaigns for our drivers.

Yes – you’re in control who you advertise for.

No, we ensure the best quality products that are 100% Australian made.

Ads on Wheels takes your normal driving habits and links with a company that wants to advertise in your area, this means you drive your car as normal and pretty much forget about the sign!

No, Ads on Wheels keep your driving habits and your personal details completely private.

Install is really easy, you should be in and out within 45 minutes.

We will install the sign again.