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The objective for Christian Porter MP was to flood the streets of the electorate area of Pearce displaying two messages. Ads on Wheels split the 50 drivers into two lots of 25 in the two areas with heavy population and traffic within the Pearce electorate. With the two messages linked to Mitchell Freeway extension and the Ellenbrook Rail, Ads on Wheels chose the drivers spending the most time in traffic between Alkimos and Perth on the Mitchell Freeway and in Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs.


The response from the campaign was incredible. Mid way through the campaign, the Christian Porter MP office were so happy that they requested a further 70 vehicles to add on top of the current campaign. As we were preparing the campaign to expand to 120 vehicles, the funds were unfortunately allocated to non marketing avenues. There was many speculations on seat for the Pearce electorate as prior to the election it was expected that the seat was 50/50 on who would win. Christian Porter MP used multiple forms of advertising and after successful campaign, won the seat by a large margin. We were happy to be involved in this successful campaign.

Kilometres Travelled


Times from Australia to Alaska

12 times

Times around the Earth




Months advertised with Ads on Wheels