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Are you ready to drive more traffic to your business! Start your Ads on Wheels campaign today!


We've got you covered

With rear window banner advertisements, Ads on Wheels can spread your message to motorists, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists in your area. With high visibility and unlimited exposure - you’ll be connecting with your community like never before.

You can control your whole campaign - where they drive, who drives the vehicle, and the number of drivers on the road who are marketing for your brand. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach potential customers in your area!

Monitoring & Reporting

When we work with a business we ensure that everything we do is transparent. Ads on Wheels supply’s up to date tracking through detailed reports to let you know how your advertisements have performed. These reports enable us to continuously optimise your campaigns and ensure continuous improvements.

Campaign Timeline

To deliver results

Select Locations

Your business is paired with a driver that commutes through your area and surrounds. Meaning your advertisements will be seen by those who need to see them at each opportunity.

Select Demographics

Drivers are selected depending on their demographic factors meaning that your banner will be further shared with those with similar interests to the driver who matches your brand.

Select Driver Count

Each campaign is designed around a certain amount of drivers, this is predetermined before the beginning of the campaign. Each driver chosen increases the exposure of your brand.

Select Period

Our shortest package is one month and our longest currently runs for three months. This allows us to review your reports and determine the best period for your next campaign.



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