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5 Best Places to Eat for $25 or less in Perth


For those who are planning to travel to Australia or even live here in Perth, make sure to make a stopover to the one of these awesome restaurants as they’re some of the best places to dine in with out breaking your budget. Although the city has been known to be expensive, there are still a lot of unbelievably reasonable spots in the area. To give you an idea, here are some of the most budget-friendly restaurants in Perth that have good food for as low as $25:

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

Francoforte Spaghetti bar offers a wide variety of spaghetti choices that are truly delicious and cheap. For just $17, you can savor their best-selling Porco Roso and Kangaroo Bolognese. It’s definitely a good place to dine when you want to binge eat spaghetti at a cheaper price. What’s more appealing is that this restaurant is BYO too.

==> Visit Francoforte Spaghetti Bar here

Taka’s Kitchen

When you’re in a budget squeeze but Asian cuisine is life, why not try to visit Taka’s Kitchen. The place is located on barrack street near Perth train station. It offers a plethora of Japanese foods like sashimi, sushi, noodle bowls, and burgers. The best part of it all is that you can get a whole meal of rice, salad, Miso Soup, and Chicken Karaage for as low as $17.50.

==> Visit Taka’s Kitchen here

Grand Lane Fish House

This is definitely one of the best places in Perth to offer tacos, fish, and chips. For only $18, you can already taste their Big Value Boxes that offers Fillet of Cape Hake and Full McLoughlin’s Irish Pork battered sausage.

==> Visit Grand Lane Fish House here

Shake Falafel and Roll

Falafel roll is a good food place with traditional Lebanese sweets. With just $7, it can already satisfy your stomach. The coolest part is that you can even pair your food with coffee or a can of drink for free.

==> Visit Shake Falafel and Roll here

Lord of the Fries

Yes, it may sound unhealthy, but the store has been dedicated to filling up your stomach in a healthier way. The restaurant is famous for its fries and vegan burgers. The famous “Chicago” hotdog burger is a sausage made of 100% purely vegetables, and you can eat these for as low as $10

==> Visit Lord of the Fries here


Whether you want to dine in or just have a quick bite, Perth will never fail to give you delicious foods at reasonable prices.

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